Dear kids, you get mad at me, and that’s okay.

“Dear kids,

Clean your room.

Pick up your toys.

Eat your food.

Do your school work.

Sit up straight.

Stop backchatting.

Put your things in their place.

Look after your possessions.

Over the many years to come, you’re going to hear some of these phrases a lot… A lot more than you do now. I’m sure we’ll be adding a good amount more to this list as you grow.

I know it feels like I’m constantly nagging and moaning about EVERYTHING.

I get upset. I get impatient. I yell.
Sometimes I become so frustrated that I overreact. I’m learning to apologize more often for these moments. I’m learning to be more patient.

You probably get tired of hearing me repeat the same things every day. EVERY day.

Here’s something I wish you could understand now already. 

I know you think I’m the mama that always makes you work and have little fun.

Oh, and this gets you so MAD at me.

I’m here to tell you, that’s okay.

I stick to the rules because I care about you. I stick to the rules because I want to teach you, to prepare you, to make sure you live up to your potential.

I stick to the rules to teach you responsibility, and that there are consequences for actions and choices. I stick to the rules to teach you that certain actions and choices only lead to temporary happiness.

You get mad at me, and that’s okay.

Dear kids, you get mad at me, and that’s okay.

I want to teach you that life doesn’t just hand you things. It takes hard work and focus. One of the big life lessons: there isn’t always a reward at the end.

Life is beautiful but it comes with failures and disappointments. For me, these are on a much bigger scale than yours are to you, but I acknowledge that you have them too.

Pssst, guess what, kids? You’re strong enough for all these hard things. 

It’s okay to get mad at me for pushing you to be better. 

I’m teaching you this from a young age. You’ll learn and you’ll one day understand. Life doesn’t offer the easy road often. It’s the long winding one to conquer.

I know you don’t understand now and it might be many years before we discuss this as adults, but to get to that point in the future, I teach you in the now.

Many more emotions to follow as you grow and there will be many more times when we’ll make decisions that you won’t like or agree with. Your anger will be more powerful than it is now, you’ll be able to express yourselves more outwardly and directly.

It will be okay.

Even though it will hurt me to see you hurting. It will hurt me to hurt you.

Every decision we make, we make in your best interests. Every thought that’ll pass through our minds, every choice we’ll need to make, will be to make your life better. Enrich your life, now and in the future.

Yes, you’ll end up making mistakes. Then I’ll be the one being mad at you, but I’ll never turn you away.
I’ll be there to hold you, I’ll be there to help you.

To be perfectly blunt: I’m just trying my best to not raise assholes. 

So right now, all you see and hear is a nagging mama.
I do this to guide you, help you; all of this because I love you so damn much.

So yes, it’s okay to get mad at me.

We’ll work through it together.

Sincerely yours, Mama”

Dear kids, you get mad at me, and that’s okay.

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