Painting with earbuds

I let my kids to a messy craft activity.

One of my least favourite crafts because I’m the one that has to clean up afterwards and that ALWAYS takes time. Not only does clean-up take time, but cleaning the kids up (then the bathroom)… Yeah, you see where I’m going with this.

We still ended up doing an activity that involved paint, and it turned out pretty cool, actually. Thankfully, the paint we have at home washes out easily so getting them cleaned up afterwards isn’t as tough as it usually was.

I’ve heard a few mamas talking about using earbuds, otherwise known as Q-Tips, in craft activities and thought, why not try it with the kids?

Surely, it would be something mess-free, we already had everything we needed for the craft at home and it would keep them busy for a while as it was a detail based activity.

Let’s just say I was right about one of the top things I mentioned.

While I was prepping for the activity, I asked Kid1 if he wanted to participate, aka I needed to plan the timing for during his school time, or after. He has never liked messy crafts and activities, and immediately told me he won’t want to be participate.

On the day I had the activity planned for, we had a busy morning and only started with the activity after lunchtime. Kid1 came home from school shortly after, and immeditely after having lunch and eyeing what the other two were up to, decided he wanted in.

This is a great activity to practise fine motor skills as well as pincer grip, which is good practise to holding a pencil correctly.

Not only is this activity fun, it’s also educational as you can use themed templates/drawings to paint.

Fun kids’ activity: painting with earbuds


  • Blank paper or printed templates (Pinterest has many you can choose from and download)
  • Earbuds/Q-Tips
  • Paint
  • Aprons (in case it does get messy and clothes are protected)

Just a note, if you can’t print templates, you can always draw shapes and pictures. That’s what I did, and they worked just as well. You don’t need ‘complicated’ and detailed templates to make this activity fun!

Having fun painting with Q-Tips

Have fun, and happy learning!

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