Escape by Carolyn Jessop {Book Review}

I have always enjoyed watching documentaries and reading up on different cults.

I know for some it’s a pretty morbid subject and many steer clear of it. I, on the other hand, am drawn to it.

I found this book while browsing through a second-hand book store, and as soon as the title caught my eye, I knew it would be a book I needed to take home.

The realities of generational brainwashing and conditioning comes to mind when you think of religious sects/cults, and it’s something important to understand (to an extent) to be able to understand those that are able to leave it behind, and start over. It also highlights the dangers of blind obedience, and how destructive it truly is.

Escape by Carolyn Jessop {Book Review} #bookreview

Escape is an autobiography written by Carolyn Jessop, in 2007. She is a former member of FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).

In 2003, at the age of 35, Jessop put her plan into action and fled the community, and her husband, with her eight children to a safe house in Salt Lake City.

The book documents her life as a child growing up in the community. At 18, she was forced into a marriage with a man almost 30 years her senior, becoming one of his six wives and having eight children in 15 years.

After having some contact with the outside world, while being strictly controlled in and outside the community, Carolyn began to plan her escape to get out of sect. Her connection with the outside world built on her determination to escape.

She knew if she was caught, her children would be taken away from her, and her decision would have to be flawless; planning and timing would have to be everything.

Escaping wouldn’t be easy as women are held captive by their husbands, isolated from the outside world and have no money of their own. There is no-one you can trust and the police officers around the community are also members of the group, so there is no help.

No one interferes with another man’s family.


It was a hard read for me. Reading about her fears and anxieties of abuse and terror. This is a reality that is ongoing for many. You start to realise what many women and children go through in these sects, and sadly not many of them ever get to a point in their lives where they realise the life they have isn’t right. That submissive nature and blind obedience is a sickening reality.

Reading this book made me realise that we take a lot of what we have for granted.

My Rating:

The book has a rating of 3.95 out of 5 on GoodReads.

I gave the book a 5 of out 5. I feel it’s always unfair to rate an autobiography as it’s someone’s life story. Their struggles aren’t something we can rate on a scale.

Besides the fact that it’s an autobiography, this book was written very well, and the emotions shared by Carolyn Jessop on the pages can be felt with each word.

It’s a book I’ll recommend to all. It’s an eye-opener to the fact that there is a whole world out there, beyond our own lives and struggles.

Book Review: Escape by Carolyn Jessop #bookreview

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