Tips for picking baby names

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

One of the most exciting parts of my pregnancies was choosing baby names. Okay, I didn’t choose them, HB did, I just signed off on them. It was up to HB to choose the names, because it made him feel more included in the pregnancies.

Choosing a baby name can be very simple for some, but for us it was a special celebration because a name is something you carry with you for the rest of your life. We wanted our kids to have strong and meaningful names. We didn’t decide on a whim on the best ones we felt would suit or kids, it took a couple of weeks to narrow down to favourites and choose the names we liked the most.

While I don’t use our kids’ names online, I can tell you that each of them has a beautiful and purposeful meaning to them.

I thought I’d put together a checklist that we worked with to choosing names, and help other parents find the perfect name for their kids too.

Tips for picking baby names

World passing trends

There are so many trending names happening everywhere at the same time, and it’s sometimes impossible to keep up with. There are many websites ready to help parents find and choose names trending.

One of the most popular website is BabyNames, which endless choices of names to choose from.

Think of possible nicknames

When choosing a name, always see what nicknames can be formed from it. Sometimes the nicknames are cute, and other times open up doors to making fun of. Spend some time playing around with names to see how they can be changed into nicknames and which are safe to use.

Sound with surname

While it’s not a major factor, it’s nice to know that the name you choose has a nice ring with your surname. Alliterating names and surnames is also a nice way to compare sounds and see what works, and doesn’t.

Look up meanings

We’re firm believers in name meanings and choosing a good one, is something important; it stays with you for the rest of your life. Each time we came across a name we liked, we first double-checked the meaning to see if it was an appropriate one. If it wasn’t, we skipped over the name.

Play around with ideas

Write down a couple of favourites, and try keeping the list short as it will help with making a decision. You don’t need to make a decision on one immediately. Give yourself time to remove and add any new ones over a few weeks before you start crossing off the ones you won’t use.

Check what initials spell out

This is very important. Sometimes random letters spell out nothing at all, and sometimes those initials can spell out words you’d not want to associate with your child, and possibly open them up to mockery in the future.

Family names or not

Using family names is still quite a popular trend, but you’ll find that some names are quite outdated and not really used anymore in modern times. So if you’re thinking of using any family names, double check if there’s a little outdated to the current trending names.

Which language?

While all names have origins from different countries, it’s sometimes just a slight spelling that changes the pronunciation of it. If you’re looking at a name, make sure it will be something that will be able to properly pronounce. You don’t want be correcting people all the time because of poor pronunciation.

We decided on a middle ground: English names. Since HB is Afrikaans and I’m Moldavian, we found it would be easier to choose English names so that both sides of our families would have no problems saying our kids’ names correctly.

Middle name or not?

While middle names aren’t that common, unless you’re adding a couple of family names, it’s still something that some parents prefer.

If you decide to choose a middle name too, remember to check what the initials will spell out, listen to how all the names and surname sound together, and even for possible contradicting name meanings.

HB decided that we’ll only give Kid3 a middle name while our boys only have one name each. Each to their own on how you decide on the middle names.

As serious as choosing a baby name sounds, have fun with it! It’s one of the activities I looked forward to when we found out the genders of our kids, and it was always fun picking and choosing until we found the perfect names for them.

Tips to help parents pick baby names

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