Pregnancy: To do: 2nd Trimester

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I know I’m talking about the second trimester in this post but in case it’s your first time visiting my blog – congrats are still in order!

If you’re in your first trimester of pregnancy, don’t stress, there’s a to-do list ready for it too!

The second trimester was my favourite trimester, mainly because most of my symptoms started to fade away little by little, and my energy levels suddenly lifted again. Sleeping wasn’t an issue anymore as I didn’t need to use the bathroom during the night as much as I needed to during the first trimester (although, brace yourself for it again in the third trimester).

I found the second trimester to be a little calmer than the first and third one where you get a bit of a breather and get a chance to enjoy your pregnancy. You might start to see a bump showing and the flutters of your baby moving.

Today I’m sharing the to-do list for your second trimester of pregnancy.

Be sure to have a look at the first trimester to-do list too, just in case you’ve recently found out you’re pregnant to see what you might need to still do.

Pregnancy: Your second trimester checklist #pregnancy #secondtrimester

Announce your pregnancy

If you haven’t announced your pregnancy yet, now is the time!

Research baby products

It’s good to start having an idea of what baby products you’ll need for your baby and what the costs will be. Baby shopping can be quite pricey and working out a budget will help you stay on top of costs and what you need to purchase when.

Create baby registry

Once you’ve set up a list of baby products, you can start working on a baby registry. Most places won’t let you register for one until about a month before your baby shower, so depending on where you decide to register, you might have to wait a bit.

This doesn’t mean you can’t already start a list of baby items that you’d like to receive on your baby shower, so in case anyone wants to do some early shopping, you’ll have a list at hand.

Look around for photographers

Maternity shoots are great fun and a perfect way to capture your beautiful bump.

They are done during the third trimester as you really want your bump to pop for the photos, but it doesn’t mean you can’t start looking around for photographers.

Some photographers are often booked up for a few weeks and months in advance, and you don’t want to be left feeling disappointed with not getting a session with your photographer of choice. Do some research about photographers in your area, ask around for recommendations and decide on the one you like best.

Birth plan

A birth plan is an outline of your preferences during labor and delivery. It’s important to discuss such details with your doctor to manage expectations and emotions. Your doctor will be able to advise you on questions about delivery options, any reasons for concern, and what is and isn’t allowed in the delivery room.

If you’ve already set up a birth plan, discuss what you’re written down with your doctor so they know what your requirements and expectations are.

This is also a great opportunity to ask any questions about labor if you haven’t made a decision yet, and document your decision on your birth plan.

Childcare options

It’s never too late to start thinking about what you will do once your baby is born. Are you going back to work? Are you going to stay at home? If you’re thinking of childcare options, you might want to start researching them now.

Some schools have waiting lists, which stretch a couple of years and it’s important to get a head start on admissions if it’s a school of your choice.

Create packing lists

While you only start packing your bags in the third trimester, there’s nothing wrong with starting on the lists already. There are many great resources online to help you with what you need to pack for yourself and your baby for your stay post-delivery stay. When the time comes for you to start packing, it won’t be a headache to first create lists and then get to the packing.

Pregnancy pillow

This isn’t a necessity BUT if you do want to sleep comfortably from now until the end of your pregnancy, get yourself a pregnancy pillow. I didn’t use one with my first pregnancy and I definitely wish I had.

Sleeping on your side can be uncomfortable with a growing belly, and the pregnancy pillow will give you comfortable sleep and improve the circulation of blood in your body.

Plus, a pregnancy works great as a feeding pillow later on.

What to do during the second trimester of your pregnancy #pregnancy #secondtrimester

Good luck on this beautiful journey ahead, relax and enjoy this time, and remember to use this checklist to help you navigate the second trimester of your pregnancy.

Remember to check back for more pregnancy posts coming!

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