6th Target by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro {Book Review}

Let’s dive into the 6th instalment of the Women’s Murder Club series.

I’m still waiting for a book to draw me out of the slumps that the last few left me in, and what started as good books in the beginning seems to have winded down to one disappointment after another. Again this isn’t one of my favourite books, and it has nothing to do with the plots.

The plots are still interesting enough to want to explore, but there are a few characters that are just not working well anymore. A few of the new ones too.

DISCLAIMER: This review could contain possible spoilers based on my opinions. All opinions and views are my own.

Book review: 6th Target by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro #bookreview


A terrifying attack leaves one of the members of the Women’s Murder Club clinging desperately to life, while the others fight to keep a maniac behind bars before he can hurt anyone else.

Lindsay Boxer, along with her new partner in the San Fransisco police department, are out to stop a series of kidnappings that are gripping the city. Children and their nannies are being taken in broad daylight, with no witnesses and there are no ransom demands made.

Lindsay needs to deal with another brewing problem: a love triangle.

A triangle, a friend of the brink of death and the kidnappings, Lindsay has enough on her plate to juggle and just when everything seems to smooth out, the case takes a wild swing, placing everyone in danger.

My Opinion: Positive Thoughts

The book has a fast pace, has easy language but I couldn’t understand the three part setup. I found it a little hard to focus on each of them properly, especially when everything felt blended together and then thrown out randomly.

The kidnappings theme was interesting, and the revelations about it were unsettling as you read about the natures of the crimes.

My Opinion: Negative Thoughts

I think I’ve lost all of my hope in Lindsay-she’s gone completely off her rocket emotionally and is making stupid decisions; alongside even stupider decisions. There seems no end to it. If you can get past her constant whining, you’ll realise there are other important characters too.

Lindsay’s rule breaking rampage continues with no consequences, as sadly expected-it’s getting a bit boring now.

The openly sharing of information is strange. It makes sense with Claire, since Lindsay and Claire actually work together but Cindy is a reporter. While we’re assumed Cindy is trustworthy and all, it seems deeply inappropriate and unprofessional.

How about Cindy being openly allowed in crime scenes and no other reporters, and no one bats an eyelid about it? What’s up with that?


I was disappointed to find that there were no changes in the womens’ relationships, hoping there would be realistic expectations with a female co-author writing the book too.

My Rating:

The book has a rating of 4.04 on GoodReads. I gave it a 3.

6th Target by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro {Book Review} #bookreview

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