Ways to include your husband in your pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy, the attention is always on the mama-to-be and her bump.

Everyone asks her the questions and wants to touch the bump (sometimes without permission). It’s easy for your husband to feel left out of the whole experience.

Sure, they want to be part of the journey too, and they should be, because while you’re the one carrying the baby, you’re not the only one that is excited about it all!

Your husband might not know exactly how to be included in your pregnancy, but there are many ways to get involved!

I’m sharing fun ways to include your husband in your pregnancy and enjoy the journey together.

11 ways to involve your husband in your pregnancy #pregnancy


Look for pregnancy announcement ideas that you can do together. There are so many fun ways to do announcements together to share the news.

Doctor appointments

Go together to doctor’s appointments and allow any questions of interests and concerns. It’s a good idea to have both of you ask questions so that you’re both aware of any danger signs to look out for and discuss birth plans. Also there’s nothing like sharing the experience of seeing your little one moving and hearing the heartbeat.

Share cool app info

Even if your husband doesn’t download a pregnancy app, you can still send him updates and interesting information that you receive each week. I mean, how fun is it to compare your growing baby to the sizes of different fruits and vegetables?

There is always information to be found on the apps that is needed and it’s a good idea to share it with your husband too to keep him in the loop.

Baby names

Choose baby names together! It’s such a fun part of pregnancy and it’s something you can do together. Each can write down a few favourite names and then compare the lists until you’re both happy with the one you like.

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Baby movements

Share the moments when your baby moves and let him feel the kicks and the dance parties your baby is holding inside your stomach. It’s a great bonding experience for all of you.

Go shopping together

Going shopping together is a great way to spend some time together but also share opinions with each other about baby products and nursery additions.

Nest together

Sort through the baby room together. Let him assemble the furniture, paint the walls, put in the carpets, etc. Make him feel he’s part of the journey as well by nesting together.

Maternity shoot

A maternity shoot is such a fun way to make memories and there are so many couple photo ideas to choose from to make it memorable.

“Nappy Braai”

While many choose to host a baby shower together with family and friends, if you’re not doing that, you can always hose a ‘nappy braai’ for your husband. It’s basically a baby shower, but with no ‘ooooh’ and ‘aaaah’ factor. It’s a great way to give your husband a moment of shine too, spend some time with his friends and each guest brings along a pack of nappies as an admission fee. Score!

Share feelings

Just as you’re feeling all the feels and worries, so is your husband. Talk to each other about how you’re feeling, get out any worries you might be feeling and come up with solutions if possible. It’s a good way to release any anxieties but also share about things you could be looking forward to once your baby is born.

Learn together

You’re in this together, so learn together. It’s good for your husband to know what to expect on delivery day so share your plans and ideas with him. Read up on nappy changing, breastfeeding and milestones your baby will be reaching, together.

Fun ways to include your husband in your pregnancy #pregnancy

Use this time to bond and connect with each other and the little one in your belly, involve each other in as much as possible and try to relax whenever you can.

Remember to check back for more pregnancy posts coming!

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