How to save money on maternity wear

With your body changing and your belly growing, it’s not always possible to wear your normal wardrobe throughout your whole pregnancy.

When you’ve given birth, you’ll most likely be wearing clothing from your pregnancy while you’re still swollen and recovering. It’s normal and part of the journey.

If you’ve looked around at maternity clothing, you might have had a wake-up call to how much it costs. There’s no point in adding more stress to an already growing budget of medical costs as well as preparing for your baby.

With Kid1’s pregnancy, I was gifted with maternity clothing so I never had the need to get any and I kept all the clothing for Kid2’s pregnancy. When we decided we were only having two kids, I donated all the clothing.

So when we decided a few years later to another baby, I faced the maternity aisles and I was honestly shocked by the prices for the amount of time I’d be using the clothing. When you don’t know, the shocker is greater.

Don’t be pressured into believing the only way you can get through your pregnancy with clothing is by only resorting to maternity clothing and that’s the end of the story.

We’re made to believe that we need to keep up with the latest fashion to show off our bellies and that’s really not the case. If you’re able to afford it, go ahead, but for those on a budget, it might not be the case.

You can save on maternity wear and still feel comfortable with what you’re wearing.

Here are ways to save on maternity wear without breaking the bank:

Wear what you have to the max

There’s no need to rush out to stock up on clothing as soon as you find out you’re pregnant.

You can stretch that out until you start showing. Go through your closet and see what you already have; stretchy pants, shirts, dresses, etc. that can work well throughout the months. Once you find that those don’t fit anymore, or not all the items, you can look at adding a few items of clothing to your closet.

You might end up overspending or finding that you don’t really need all the extra clothing, and that will result in wasted money.

Buy bigger sizes in normal isles

When you compare clothing from normal isles to maternity isles, you’ll find that there’s quite a price gap. Buying clothes in a normal isle in bigger sizes will cost cheaper than maternity clothing. If you find the words ‘maternity‘ on the label, it’s usually priced more.

Avoid specialised stores

If you want to save money, avoid stores that exclusively sell maternity wear. They will be more expensive to maternity clothing sold in general clothing stores, and you’ll be spending money on one item where you’d be able to spend the same amount on two or three items of clothing in another store.

Avoid brand names

Just as with a specialised store, brand named clothing items are more priced than normal brand names, and you’ll be paying to wear the name, so the price tag will be higher.

Borrow from friends and family

If you have friends and family who have recently gone through pregnancy and they can spare it for a while, you can borrow items of clothing from them.

Borrow your husbands

I wore HB’s shirts and rugby pants (no jokes) at home. They worked out great and were comfortable, and I didn’t need to add to the cost of buying extra clothing.

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Mama groups

Facebook and other social media platforms are full of mama groups and you’re bound to find a post advertising maternity wear either as a donation or sold second-hand for an affordable price.

If you can’t find any posts for it, you can always put in a request and see if anyone comes back to you.

Pant elastics

If you don’t want wear leggings throughout your pregnancy, you can always use pant elastics to insert in your jeans/pants to extend their use.

They are comfortable and can’t be seen with a material insert that comes along with it. By using one of these, you’ll be saving money in the long run by not needing to buy stretchy maternity pants.

I used the Extand-A-Belt from Carriwell, and it saved me tons of money by not needing to buy maternity pants but instead just wearing what I already had.

Maternity wear doesn’t need to be expensive if you know what to look out for and how to save. Don’t rush out to buy it immediately, do your research on where to buy comfortable and affordable clothes and use these tips to help you save!

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