Empowering families on their mental health care journey with Tracto + Giveaway

As parents, we can agree that parenting is hard, and having a child with special needs is harder.

Being a mama of a child diagnosed with special needs has been challenging over the years. We’ve been through different types of therapies and activities, and while some days were hard, others were harder. 

Taking care of your child’s mental health is important, and it can be a challenging responsibility that we as parents aren’t prepared for.

There are many resources available for parents to use online but how many of them are personalized to fit your child’s needs and treatments?

Each of us is different and the way we approach our needs are unique to each individual. It’s the same with children who have special needs.

With the Tracto app, you’re able to do just that.

Tracto is designed for parents with children who have been diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and anxiety.

It empowers parents to keep track and observe their child’s behaviors and treatment plans. It is an easy to use platform to keep all their child’s information in one place. It gives parents the right tools to make the best decisions for their child’s well-being and health.

Tracto currently supports care journeys for children aged 4 to 13, who live with ADHD, ASD and anxiety.

Keeping track of treatment plans.

Once parents have received a treatment plan from a specialist, it is important to monitor the progress of that plan. Especially if there is medication involved.

Monitoring any symptoms and side-effects for the first while after starting any medication is crucial to be able to understand if the medication is having the desired effect on the child. It’s just as important to curb any negative reactions and adjust the treatment plan effectively.

Tracto allows parents and teachers to input information on the app, working closely together to keep track of any changes, emotional, behaviour, etc. the child might have. Having input from different environments is important as behaviour can vary depending on environmental influence.

Keeping track of changes and possible complications will help parents, and specialists, make recommended decisions for future treatment plans.

Filling in the digital assessments on the app gives parents a quick means to keep up to date with vital information concerning their child.

Direction of future treatments.

As your child grows and changes, their treatment plan might need to be adjusted based on any progress or regression documented by the parents, teachers and specialists.

With teachers also providing information, it helps to make the right decisions for the future.

By documenting everything on the app, parents can monitor the current treatment plans and see how effective they are.

Based on the combined information, the correct adjustments can be made on the treatment plans.

If your child is referred to a new specialist, parents have all the necessary information on the app to help with understanding the progress or referral reason and can start the next part of the journey more efficiently.

Organized and prepared.

As mentioned above, it is important to keep track of treatment plans to know what the best outcome of them will be. 

In order to do so, Tracto has reminders to help parents keep track of medication, therapy appointments and required therapy activities. Making use of these reminders is helpful for parents to plan their days around important times that require their attention. It also helps create a structured routine for both parents and children by knowing what to expect next.

The reminders can be configured to the parent and child’s unique needs.

In summary, why the Tracto app is beneficial to parents and the care team:

  • Information on when and how to administer medication
  • Monitor and track child’s symptoms and behaviours and document any changes
  • Activity ideas and adding personal activities
  • Digital assessments
  • A history of child’s journey

Parents and care teams can track several symptoms/concerns on Tracto, including hyperactivity, concentration, mood, appetite and more.

Getting a proper diagnosis for your child is extremely important, and through a specialist only. 

Once you have the correct diagnosis, building a treatment plan and learning to understand your child’s needs is part of the journey not only for the child, but for parents and other care givers too. 

We need to keep in mind that a diagnosis isn’t only a challenge for a child (even when they don’t understand) but also for families and teachers if the correct treatment plans aren’t followed.

Correct medication and therapy is important but it also takes an involved team to effectively make a treatment plan work.

Tracto is a free app (with additional premium content) and can be downloaded on Android and Apple devices.

Click on the link below to enter to win a One Year Premium Subscription for the Tracto App.

This competition is open for residents of South Africa and Terms and Conditions apply.

The competition will run from:

25th October 2021 – 22 November 2021

The winner will be announced on the 25th of November 2021.

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Tracto.

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  1. This is a fantastic app, and while I don’t have any kids with special needs I have plenty of friends who do and it is so important to have a cohesive team to help your child and to navigate parenting a special needs child!

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