Silent Noise by Lana Foxx {Book Review}

I met South African author, Lana Foxx, by chance on TikTok last year and I was like, ‘Hey, want me to read your book?’

It arrived not long after we chatted about it and I planned it to be one of my getaway reads for the weekend.

It was easy to finish with the short amount of pages, and an easy read for when you’re just looking for a light read.

DISCLAIMER: This review could contain possible spoilers based on my opinions. All opinions and views are my own. I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.

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When Lily, a young werewolf, wakes up alone in the middle of the forest, she has no recollection of how she got there. The only thing familiar to her is the voice whispering in her ear.

Her disappearance has not only affected her life, but the lives of her family and the love of her life.

Will she find the strength to push through the difficulties challenging her destiny, risk all that she knew and loved?


The easy language used made reading quick and enjoyable.

There are multiple point of views showing each character’s journey in the story, and their thoughts and feelings as the story moves forward.

I was as invested as the characters to get to the bottom of the mystery.

It felt like the villain banishment was a little too rushed (especially after the heavy building of their story) and more detail in that scene would’ve had more impact.

You have your standard werewolf love story with complications, control and destiny. I enjoyed the complications as it wasn’t a standard trope used in this genre.

The literal explanations of actions was slightly over the top, and those word counts could’ve been used in other scenes to add extra details to the story.

I did pick on some spelling and grammar mistakes here and there, but nothing too overbearing.


The plot was interesting and somewhat unique, despite some of the predictable werewolf tropes.

My Rating:

The book has a rating of 4.56 on GoodReads. I gave it a 4.

Silent Noise by Lana Foxx {Book Review}

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