Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts {Book Review}

I finished this book in less than 24hours.

Did I even get to sleeping? Of course, but I didn’t get too much of anything else done.

While this isn’t a dystopian book exactly (even though there are some elements towards the end of the book) a post-apocalyptic world is something fascinating to read about.

Each person has their own ideas about what will bring the world to its knees and what consequences would follow. Jeyn Roberts took it to a new level by creating something unique (I know, zombies isn’t anything unique, but it isn’t all zombie vibe in this book) and appetising to read about the end of the world.

I know, that sounds a little weird to say but if you’ve read a couple of books over the years with this theme in mind, you’ll understand the excitement about the change of scenery.

The Dark Inside series is worth the read, the whole series, and I recommend it with open arms.

DISCLAIMER: This review could contain possible spoilers based on my opinions. All opinions and views are my own.I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.

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When huge earthquakes leave disaster zones all over the world, they unleashed an ancient evil, an evil that might have been responsible for the downfall of previous civilisations.

People start turning on each other in the worst of ways: torture, murder.

Mason, Michael, Clementine and Aries find themselves in different locations, fighting with everything within them to survive the chaos.

Each seeing and hearing things that should never existed.

As their paths lead them to cross each others, each needs to fight to see another day, cling on to the hope they still carry and hopefully find a place of safety in a world that will stop at nothing to wipe you out.


There was just no moment anywhere in this book where the pace slowed down, even for a little bit. The pace was at an excellent speed and kept the suspense on high with the constant twists and turns the four characters had to face.

The four rotating characters – Aries, Clementine, Mason and Michael – each brought their own addition to the story which worked great with diversifying backstories and eventually survival stories.

The book has multiple point of views to show each character’s journey through the chaos, exploring the different aspects of the apocalypse. Each character’s feelings and sensations are shared with the reader to give perspective on thoughts and decisions based on past and current situations.

My favourite storylines were those of Clementine and Mason. Both ended up being solo travellers for a while so their struggles were a little more on the edge than the other characters.

Each character deals with the battles of good and evil on the inside, some a little more than others and that battle is fascinating to see when it’s faced with morals.

There’s another character that pops in every now and then in the plot, Daniel, who is as mysterious as can be. I had some suspicions about him, even though not much was disclosed about who he was and what his purpose was. The suspense around his story was so good, and even though I turned out to be right about him, it was still a great feeling getting some perspective around him in the book.

Then you get the little segments from something or someone called Nothing that just sent chills down your back when you reached the parts. My theory did end up being on point but it was still amazing to see how the perspective was included to spread the anxiety around the situations the characters found themselves in.

The book explains a very particular kind of violence: senseless and purely insane.


It’s very clear that the book deals with the madness and the darkness we each possibly keep deep inside, and what could happen should we ever act without thought on it.

It raises some questions about how you’d react and what decisions would be made if you found yourself in such a situation and how far would your morals take you to ensure your survival.

The book isn’t sugar-coated, some pretty terrible things happen.

Well done to the author for cleverly crossing all the characters’ paths and making this book an easy and exciting read.

My Rating:

The book has a rating of 3.92 on GoodReads. I gave it a 5.

Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts {Book Review} #bookreview #postapocalypticbooks #dystopianbooks #sciencefictionbooks

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