Kiss the Girls by James Patterson {Book Review}

Kiss the Girls is the second book from the Alex Cross series by James Patterson.

It was made into a movie in the 90s and back then when I first watched it, I didn’t know it was based on a book. The movie adaptation didn’t receive a great positive response, but I absolutely loved it because the antagonists just made it as creepy as it should’ve been. Also, Ashley Judd, people!

DISCLAIMER: This review could contain possible spoilers based on my opinions. All opinions and views are my own.

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Alex Cross is called in to investigate a case of young women being abducted from colleges; there’s no connection and no trace. It becomes personal when one of the latest kidnapping victims is his niece.

There’s a break in the case when one of the victims, Kate McTiernan, escapes from the clutches of the one that calls himself ‘Casanova‘.

As the case evolves, Alex and his partner discover another killer who calls himself ‘The Gentleman Caller’.

Are these two killers working together or are they competing?


The book barely starts before we are hit with a whirlwind of drama ready to burst out.

The chapters are short and end on a thought-provoking note, so you can’t put the book down as you need to know what happens next.

The book is action-paced with small intervals of a slower pace, and you feel the frustration of the main characters when there are dead-ends and few answers. This is also a personal case for Alex, so you feel that emotion carried throughout the book with him.

The victims are all specifically selected by Casanova, as he builds his Harem. It’s creepy as hell because while he keeps repeating he’s looking for real love from the girls, he’s building a trophy room for his collection of smart and promising girls. His anger outbursts from any rule breakers are brutal and I found some parts hard to swallow. In the end, it sounds like he’s hoping for a Stockholm Syndrome from his victims as part of falling in love with him

The premise for Casanova’s decisions and actions remind me of a similar theme in the book The Shining Girls.

The ‘coast to coast‘ revelation is one the biggest clues to help catch the killers, and was a necessary discovery to tip the book into the right direction. It also just made the killers even more dangerous and terrifying, especially when their motives towards each other are revealed.

I loved Kate’s character. She is a fighter, she’s strong and determined to survive her ordeals. I just felt so bad for her that she had to go through some of the same things over again, and how that trauma would probably stay with her for a longer period of time. Thank goodness for her brains and certain skills she said (ironically the reasons Casanova chose her for his Harem are the reasons that saved her).


There is a great build-up towards the identity of Casanova, and when you realise it could be someone already mentioned in the book and known to the readers, it’s a chills down your spine moment. If you haven’t watched the movie prior to reading the book, you’re in for a jaw drop moment.

The anticipation is high throughout the book, and I believe it’s Patterson’s gift of creating such terrifying and uncomfortable antagonists that adds to the suspense elements of his books.

My Rating:

The book has a rating of 3.98 on GoodReads. I gave it a 5.

Kiss the Girls by James Patterson {Book Review} #bookreview #alexcross #jamespatterson #thrillerbooks #booktwt

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