My 2022 Reading Challenges

Last year I read quite a few books, setting my goal to 30 books and finishing 2021 with 71 books.

This year I set up my GoodReads Reading Challenge to 30 books as well, not knowing if this year will be as productive as last year, and last month I completed it with reading 30 books in the first two months of the year.

I’m not joking when I say that I have a bottomless TBR pile that seems to never get smaller, and it probably doesn’t help I keep buying new books to add to it every few months. That being said, I also keep falling further behind on new releases that could potentially be great reads.

This year I decided to do my reading a little differently by reading books that follow a certain criteria.

I have tried choosing books beforehand to add to my ‘must read next‘ pile but it doesn’t work too well always as I could never get to them being a mood reader most of the time.

The way I set up my challenges for 2022 is a little different and will allow me to still read a variety of genres โ€” and not mess with my mood reading picks.

These are my 2022 reading challenges and I’ll be linking all the book reviews to these books in this post as the year goes on (I’m still sort of playing catching with the last few reviews from 2021, but the end is near).

GoodReads Reading Challenge

Read 30 books in 2022.

The A – Z Challenge

The Atlantis Code by Charles Brokaw (5 stars)
Black Market by James Patterson (3 stars)
Cause Celeb by Helen Fielding (5 stars)

10 Christmas Books

(To add as book reviews are published.)

5 Historical Fiction

Twenty Years Later by Charlie Donlea (5 stars)
The Measure of Gold by Sarah C. Patten (5 stars)

Random reading prompts

A translated book.

A book about a book club.

A book with a three word title.

A book published in my birth month (no year restriction).

A 2020 best-seller book.

A book involving travel.

A recommended book.

A borrowed book.

A book where the character goes on vacation.

A book with twins.

A book with a Christmas tree on the cover.

Count your age from the left side of your bookshelf and read that book.

A book with a drink on the cover.

A book you can finish in one day.

A book where the author uses initials – No Way Back by J. B. Turner (3 stars)

A book set in a school.

A book with a candle on the cover.

A book with the word “Luck” in the title.

A book with a purple cover.

A book with a bird/birds on the cover.

A book with alliteration in the title.

A book I found on Tik Tok (BookTok).

A book with the word “Bee” in the title.

A book with an umbrella on the cover.

A buddy read book – The Hundred by Kass Morgan (5 stars)

A book with popcorn on the cover.

A book with a time of the day in the title.

A book with a weather element in the title.

A book with recipes (but not an actual recipe book).

A book set in a hotel.

A book with the word “Book” in the title.

A fantastic audiobook.

A graphic novel.

A book with the word “Kiss” in the title.

A book with a red cover.

A book by multiple authors.

A book with a castle on the cover.

A book with a fairytale retelling.

Country and places prompts

A book set in New Orleans – Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice (5 stars)

A book set in Texas.

A book set in France.

A book set in Sweden.

A book set in Norway.

A book set in Afghanistan.

A book set in Mexico.

A book set in Japan.

A book set in China.

A book set in Canada.

A book set in Russia.

A book set in Germany.

A book set in Italy.

A book set in Belgium.

A book set in England.

A book set in South Africa.

A book set in Denmark.

A book set in Egypt.

A book set in Finland.

A book set in Greece.

A book set in India.

A book set in Nigeria.

A book set in Netherlands.

A book set in Poland.

A book set in Spain.

Of course these challenges and prompts don’t limit me from reading books that don’t fall under these categories. I mean, can you really limit yourself from reading as much as you possibly can?

Are you doing any reading challenges this year? How are they going?

Do you have a book you want reviewed?
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