Rage Within by Jeyn Roberts {Book Review}

I don’t usually read book series in one sitting.

I try to give some time between the books in the series for emotions and feels to properly settle while enjoying a few other novels in between.

I also use to be against e-books because I really prefer to have the actual book in my hands (it has partially to do with the fact as well that I can’t sniff an e-book), but when I couldn’t find the next book in the Dark Inside series, I kind of went against my little rule and ordered the e-book.

I’m so glad I did it!

This book was just as great as the first one, Dark Inside – the link is at the bottom of the post to my review of it – and even though I could’ve probable finished it quicker, when I had moments to read, I was glued to it!

This is one of those book series that you have to read in the correct order. If you don’t read Dark Inside first, you’ll have very little comprehension of what is going on in Rage Within.

DISCLAIMER: This review could contain possible spoilers based on my opinions. All opinions and views are my own.

Book Review: Rage Within by Jeyn Roberts #bookreview #booktwt #dystopianbooks #postapocalypticbooks


Mason, Clementine, Michael and Aries have survived the first wave of the apocalypse.

Most of the world’s population has been wiped out and most of those remaining are Baggers.

It’s hard to figure out the next move when they don’t know when the next attack will be and where they will be truly safe.

Michael is haunted by his earlier actions that allowed him to escape but at what cost? Aries is trying to lead the group but making decisions is harder than she realises, especially when the groups survival is in her hands. Clementine still hasn’t located her brother, and fearing the worst, she’s still determined to find him. Mason is struggling with something far worse, and the realisation that he could be a danger to his friends.

The Baggers are smarter than they anticipated, that behind the madness and senseless killing, calculated moves are made to make sure humans are wiped from existence.


The book picks up around three months after the earthquakes and the unleashed horror that strives to wipe out the human existence.

As with the previous book, the pace is fast and full of suspense and there is little known on what will happen next and if any of the characters you’ve come to know will survive to see another day.

Each one of the four characters gets their moments in the book to express their feelings and give the readers an idea about what they are going through and what inner battles they are fighting.

I loved the fact that the author allowed the characters to make regrettable mistakes and have to deal with the consequences, as hard as they were. It showed their human side, the conscience, and that hope that they weren’t going to turn out to be Baggers themselves.

There was focus on important relationships needed for surviving difficult and near-death experiences that we get to see more of in this book.

I loved seeing more of Daniel in the book too, and getting to know a little more about him and his situation. Although, some clues make you believe a couple of theories about him, it’s not known which one of them could be true.

There are some deaths in the book that made me push back a few tears, characters I actually liked and I was really unhappy about some turn of events, but everything can’t be perfect, right?


Just as the first book in the series, this one has no sugar-coating and the horror is real.

The author avoided the curse of a second book, and I enjoyed this book as much as I did the first.

My Rating:

The book has a rating of 4.10 on GoodReads. I gave it a 5.

Rage Within by Jeyn Roberts {Book Review} #bookreview #booktwt #dystopianbooks #postapocalypticbooks

Have you read Rage Within?

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