The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald {Book Review}

Is there anything bad to say about the well-loved, classic The Great Gatsby?

It’s been around for a long time and with each generation passing, it remains amongst the books that people read at least once in their life.

I hadn’t read it before and I haven’t watch the movie, and I’m not planning on watching it either.

Hate me if you must but I just couldn’t understand the hype this book has been carrying.

DISCLAIMER: This review could contain possible spoilers based on my opinions. All opinions and views are my own.

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Challenge prompt: A book you can finish in one day
Originally published: 1925

Pages: 198
Format: Hardcover

Plot from GoodReads:

Jay Gatsby is the man who has everything. Everybody who is anybody is seen at his glittering parties. Day and night his Long Island mansion buzzes with bright young things drinking, dancing and debating his mysterious character.

For Gatsby – young, handsome, fabulously rich – always seems alone in the crowd, watching and waiting, though no one knows what for.

Beneath the shimmering surface of his life he is hiding a secret: a silent longing for the one thing that will always be out of his reach. And soon this destructive obsession will force his world to unravel.


I really expected a lot more from the book, but as hard as I tried, I couldn’t find the ‘wow‘ factor.

It is an easy read and has a moderate pace, although I found some parts of it dragging a little. It seemed like a basic plot with minimal movement.

Jay Gatsby seemed like a one-dimensional character. Egotistic and only driven by his status, there was nothing more to him really.

The book is all about the illusions and pretences as opposed to real life. Many things are said, not directly, but nonetheless you understand what the author was trying to say.


I didn’t find the hype around the book justifiable and this is one of the few classic books I didn’t enjoy as much as others.

My Rating:

The book has a rating of 3.93 on GoodReads. I gave it a 4.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald {Book Review} #bookreview #thegreatgatsby #classicbooks#booktwt #bookaddict #booktwitter

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