Five New Authors Discovered in 2022 || Book Lists

Last year my reading turned out to be a lot more diverse than usual and in turn, I got to discover a few new authors whose books blew me away.

I haven’t previously read any books by them and it was great to mark these off my list as well as find new authors to read books by. These books have made a couple of lists so far, and for good reason, they were awesome!

Alex North

The book The Whisper Man was my book of the year for 2022 and it raised the bar for all books.

Alex North brought in a crapload of creepiness and paranoia (because those are emotions you obviously want to feel) and made a masterpiece. I have no bad feels about this book. Maybe just one… That it ended.

I’m looking forward to discovering more of his books and awesomeness.

C. J. Tudor

Last year I didn’t read just one of her books but TWO! I found The Taking of Annie Thorne at the library and was just blown away by her writing and unique presence. Then I stumbled onto The Chalk Man and I just knew it was going to be as brilliant as the first. I wasn’t wrong!

E. Lockhart

I read so bad many reviews about Genuine Fraud and yet something still drew me to read the book. Luckily I went against the tide and dived in. Her writing style was unique and refreshing, and while the whole story stood out, it was the way the book was put together that sealed the deal for me.

Julia Heaberlin

Her book Paper Ghosts was something completely out of this world. The dark humour was actually funny and yes, while not all the time socially appropriate, it just gave the plot a whole other feel. Thanks to this book, I went out and bought another one of her books which I’m planing to read sometime this year.

Jasmine Warga

My Heart and Other Black Holes is completely different from the ones mentioned above but it stood out so much. Books dealing with topics just as mental illness and suicide are easily judged for their interpretations and display of such problems. I found the author’s methods to be in good taste as well as portraying the struggles of the characters to a realistic standard. I’m looking forward to reading more books and seeing where this author is taking the stories next.

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What new authors did you discover in 2022?

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