Fear the Wolf and Hilda & the Hidden People || Mini Reviews

These are two audiobooks I found on the Audible Plus Catalogue.

I’ve read a couple of books from James Patterson, and while they aren’t my favourites in the world, I enjoy them because they are easy and have a good pace that doesn’t make me consider taking a nap on the go.

I’ve watched Hilda on Netflix a couple of times now and I was happy to find the audiobooks to accompany the series.

DISCLAIMER: This review could contain possible spoilers based on my opinions. All opinions and views are my own.

Fear the Wolf by James Patterson and Mike Lupica

Originally published: 2022
Read: January 2023

Series: House of Wolves (Book 0.5)

Source: Audible
Format: Audiobook

Hours: 1h14m

Plot from GoodReads:

Meet the Wolf. Joe Wolf. He’s the head of a multibillion-dollar empire—a newspaper, a holding company, a football team—and the head of a family that puts King Lear to shame.

His empire shows signs of crumbling when he’s approached with an “offer” to sell. It’s clear from the start that Joe is going to pay the ultimate price—and maybe more—if he refuses.


True to his usual style, Patterson delivers a fast-paced mystery to enjoy. This was a short audiobook that was constantly packed with action and drama, an interesting main character, and some sense of a sad ending. The plot revolved around politics in the sporting world and how making enemies there was pretty easy and dangerous. 

The main character, Joe Wolf, is a hardened character, with plenty of problems in his lap, he knows his end is pretty much around the corner but decides to anyway go out with a bang, on his terms. There are also some family issues to sit through which just added to the drama aspects of the book.

My Rating:

The book has a rating of 3.36 on GoodReads. I gave it a 3.

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Hilda and the Hidden People by Stephen Davies

Challenge prompt: The letter H in the A-Z Book Challenge 2023

Originally published: 2018
Read: February 2023

Series: Hilda Tie-In (Book 1)

Source: Audible
Format: Audiobook

Hours: 1h41m

Plot from GoodReads:

Meet Hilda: explorer, adventurer, avid sketchbook-keeper and friend to almost every creature in the valley! Join our beloved heroine as she encounters her very first troll, negotiates peace with some very persnickety elves, and reunites two lovelorn ancient giants. Fantastic creatures and daring adventures are all just part of another average day for Hilda, but what will she do if she is forced to move to Trolberg city, far away from her beloved valley home?


I really enjoyed the Netflix series so of course, when I found this on Audible in the Plus Catalogue, I added all I could find from the book series to my library. It’s a blow by blow recount from the series but who cares? It didn’t make it any less adventurous or interesting. It didn’t bring about any boring elements to the story. Instead I was left imagining all the scenes as I listened to the book.

I loved the world building and the imagination, and the effort the author put into the story to create a fantasy plot that stands out from the standard fantasy books that overuse tropes and plot ideas.

My Rating:

The book has a rating of 4.12 on GoodReads. I gave it a 5.

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