Book Review Disclaimer

Hello, and thanks for taking an interest!

I love reading and reviewing books on my blog, and I commit to sharing honest reviews of each book that I read.

Please take some time to read through my disclaimer and familiarise yourself with ins and outs to see that if it fits with your requirements and expectations.

I’m open to almost all genres of books as I enjoy a vast variety of material.

My favourite genres:

  • Thrillers
  • Mystery
  • Mystical
  • Action
  • Dystopian
  • Historical Fiction
  • Short Stories
  • Sci-Fi

While these are my favourite genres, I’m open-minded to reading a variety of genres. Even if your book does not fall under these genres, please still feel free to send me a request and we can go from there.

Please refer to the section ACCEPTING for more information.

I also offer reviews for children’s books.

Book forms I prefer

  • Physical copy (ARC or hardcover) – preference

I currently live in South Africa.
If there is a book that really takes to my interest, I am willing to accept a digital copy.

If I accept a book

If I accept your offer, I will send you my physical address for the book delivery. Please refer to the following sections of this disclaimer for more information: Time guidelines and ACCEPTING.

I also do all my own images for reviews.

Time guidelines

I am always working through a pile of books and life keeps me busy too. Please allow six to eight weeks for a review to be published. I could do it sooner, but it would be a very rushed and unfair review as I will rush the reading as well.

If there is an urgency or an approaching publishing day, please discuss it with me so both parties are on the same page with expectations, and possible timeframe exceptions can be arranged.

Rating System

Each rating is given based on my unbiased opinion of the book.

The rating system ranges from 0-5 stars.

I add all the positives of the book, as well as the negative as I find it is important to review both sides.
Please note: negative reviews will never be mean-spirited or detrimental in any way. They will always be an honest account of what I thought of the book.

I write a review for each book that I read. Should I decide not to publish a review of your book on my blog, I will contact the sender of the book and honestly explain my reasons instead.

Did not finish policy

I reserve the right not to finish a review copy or an ARC copy. I will also not post a review for it. Should this be the case, all and any reasons will be sent per email to the sender.

Where do I share

I share all my reviews on my blog, my social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) and on GoodReads. Reviews can be added to Amazon if requested.


I am currently accepting book review requests. If you have a book you would like me to review, please send an email to with BOOK REVIEW in the subject line.

Please make sure to include the following information in your email:

  • Title and Author of book
  • Publisher (or self published if applicable)
  • Genre
  • Full Blurb
  • Publication Date (and time-frame when posting a review would be acceptable)

Request Response Time

Please allow at least one to three business days for my response. Life is busy and I will respond to your request within this time. You will receive a response regardless if I accept the offer or decline it.

What else can I offer

I can offer to run giveaways on my social media accounts. All costs will be on the sponsors behalf, including the shipping.

I also offer and accept guest posts, depending solely on the topics that align with my own blog.