Pregnancy: To do: 3rd Trimster

Ah, the last three months of pregnancy. It's the time during your pregnancy when your belly starts getting in the way of everything. Let's not start on the swollen feet. Since you probably cant see over your belly anymore, the swollen feet aren't too bad then. Still, somewhat uncomfortable. With the discomfort rising and you … Continue reading Pregnancy: To do: 3rd Trimster

Why you should keep a planner as a stay at home mama

It's no surprise that when it comes to planning anything, a pen and a paper just work the best. I've been a planner girl for as long as I can remember. From as far back as I can remember, I've been hoarding notebooks to use as planners and I can never say no to a … Continue reading Why you should keep a planner as a stay at home mama

Pregnancy: To do: 2nd Trimester

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I know I'm talking about the second trimester in this post but in case it's your first time visiting my blog - congrats are still in order! If you're in your first trimester of pregnancy, don't stress, there's a to-do list ready for it too! The second trimester was my favourite … Continue reading Pregnancy: To do: 2nd Trimester

Pregnancy: To do: 1st trimester

Just found out you're expecting? Congrats! It's easy to be overwhelmed by the different emotions you're feeling, and completely understandable - you're have a baby! I've gone through three pregnancies, and each time, my emotions were all the place with the news. When the high toned down a little bit, I remember thinking, "Okay, what … Continue reading Pregnancy: To do: 1st trimester

Tips for picking baby names

Congratulations on your pregnancy! One of the most exciting parts of my pregnancies was choosing baby names. Okay, I didn't choose them, HB did, I just signed off on them. It was up to HB to choose the names, because it made him feel more included in the pregnancies. Choosing a baby name can be … Continue reading Tips for picking baby names